Everything you Wanted to Know About Medicare Silver Sneakers in Missouri

What is Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers is a fitness program that is offered by some Medicare plans.
It provides free or discounted gym memberships and other exercise perks. 

Is Silver Sneakers Free?

If your Medicare plan offers Silver Sneakers, it may be completely free to use. A few plans offer discounted gym memberships, but most cover your entire fitness membership at no cost to you. Coverage depends on the plan you choose.

Do all Medicare enrollees have Silver Sneakers membership?

Silver Sneakers is offered as an added benefit in some Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) does not include Silver Sneakers membership. Your private Medicare Advantage plan or Medigap/Supplement plan can choose whether to offer it or not. 

Most providers have some plans with the Silver Sneakers program and some without. It’s important to view the benefits of each plan closely before you choose.

Do Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans Offer SilverSneakers?

Some Medigap (or Medicare Supplemental Plans) do offer Silver Sneakers. If you want to know if Medigap plan G (or any other plan) covers SilverSneakers, the answer is that it depends on the specific plan offered by the specific insurance company. Working with a Missouri insurance broker can make it easy to find a plan that offers Silver Sneakers.

How can I get Silver Sneakers in Missouri?

Many of our clients want to join Silver Sneakers because they’ve heard friends or media talking about what a great perk it is. The only way to get Silver Sneakers membership is to enroll in a private Medicare plan through Medicare Advantage or Medigap.

Who is eligible for Silver Sneakers?

People age 65+ who are eligible for Medicare can choose to enroll in a Medicare plan with Silver Sneakers membership.

Another thing to know about Silver Sneakers programs is that they are only available through Medicare Advantage/Supplemental plans that choose to offer it. You can’t purchase it a la carte.

Which Missouri Medicare plans include Silver Sneakers membership?

Look for plans that offer Silver Sneakers by checking each plan available to you or work with an insurance agent like us. Membership differs between plans offered by the same insurance company, so it’s important to look carefully at each plan’s offerings.

Should you choose a plan based on Silver Sneakers as a benefit?

Added benefits like Silver Sneakers should be one of the last benefits you weigh to choose your Medicare plan. Choosing a plan because it has Silver Sneakers is like choosing to purchase a home based on interior wall colors. In some cases, the savings or benefits of one plan without Silver Sneakers could easily leave you with extra money in your pocket to afford a gym membership on your own. In other cases, the right plan for you may include Silver Sneakers membership as a perk.

To read about the Medicare Hierarchy of Needs that we explain to our clients, read this full article. It gives insight on how we help clients choose the right plans to meet their needs.

What are the Silver Sneakers benefits?

When you have a Silver Sneakers membership, you have many ways to keep your body and mind active. You can:

-Go to any participating gym or event within the SilverSneakers network- over 160,000!

-Switch which gym you visit daily, weekly, or monthly to find one that suits you best. This means you can go to a yoga class on Mondays and a cardio class at a different gym on Wednesdays.

-You’re bound to find classes that fit your schedule and preferences.
Stay active while traveling since you can go to any participating gym in the country.

-Use their app to get a great workout in, even at home.
In some areas, you can attend outdoor workout groups to enjoy nature and get active with others.

-Exercise with an instructor that’s trained to work with seniors. Many Silver Sneakers instructors are seniors themselves!
Use Silver Sneakers to get active and decrease risk for disease, sleep better, and have more energy.

According to the SilverSneakers website, 88% of members say SilverSneakers has improved their quality of life. Some personal benefits of staying active are:

  • Staying social- you may find friends and like-minded seniors at your classes or the gym.
  • Being a part of your community- regularly socializing and being a part of a group means you have connections and can build resources within your community.
  • Reducing accidents- falling is a serious hazard and as we age our balance can decline. Regular exercise can help you retain some balance and mobility, making everyday life safer for you.
  • Better sleep- you’ll rest better after getting your blood pumping.
  • Increased energy levels- staying active daily can help you keep your energy levels up so you can enjoy the little things the rest of the day.
  • Help keep disease at bay- from heart disease to diabetes, exercise helps keep your heart in better condition.
  • Keeping your brain active- Studies have shown that dementia can be staved off when you start getting more exercise.
  • Mental health- exercise can improve your mental health like seeing less symptoms of depression or reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Feeling great- Endorphins are released when you exercise, increasing your mood.

Do I have to go to a gym to do a Silver Sneakers workout?

Nope! There are many different ways to get active with a Silver Sneakers membership. Try their app at home or take group classes outdoors.

Silver Sneakers offers an app that allows you to choose from many different workouts you can do in the comfort of your home. You can choose at-home activities from the list of Silver Sneakers online workouts. Choose one if the weather is bad, you’re not feeling like going out, or if you have a sick family member at home. There’s no excuse for not getting a little physical activity in if you have the Silver Sneakers app.

The other option to get exercise without going to a gym is attending a Silver Sneakers outdoor group class, called a FLEX class. In Springfield, Missouri, for example, there’s a FLEX Zumba class at Nathanial Greene Park. You can take advantage of great weather and enjoy the scenery- all while getting fit.

Where do I get my Silver Sneakers membership card?

You may be wondering where to find your SilverSneakers number- it’s easy! 

Once you enroll in a Medicare plan that offers Silver Sneakers,you should receive a letter that contains your 16-digit ID. You won’t receive a traditional paper card, instead you’ll use this ID number. (Hint- save it in your phone’s notes app!) You can then take this number to any participating fitness center or class. 

If you know that your plan offers the Silver Sneakers program but can’t find your ID number, you can use this quick online form to get your membership ID. You can also download the app to get your digital ID card.

If you’re not sure if your Medicare plan offers it, check your eligibility here.

Where are SilverSneakers locations in Southwest Missouri?

Finding gyms in Springfield, Missouri and surrounding areas that accept SilverSneakers isn’t hard with our handy list. View our map to find SilverSneakers gyms and classes near you.
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