Confusion with Medicare Website Delays Client’s Part B Enrollment

What do you do when you are turning 65 and want to enroll in Medicare? If you’re like many Americans, you will take advantage of enrolling in Medicare online at Once you create an account on Social Security’s website, you may begin your enrollment. What happens if you are not ready to start receiving your Social Security benefits but you are ready to enroll in Medicare parts A & B? 

I had a client where this was the case for her. She called our office and she and I spoke about what she needed to do. She was confused with Social Security’s website and would be turning 65 soon. She stated she wanted to enroll in Medicare A & B but made it clear she did not want to begin drawing her Social Security benefit until she was 66 1/2 years of age. To conclude our phone call, I stated there is a spot on the website where you can click that says you are not ready to begin receiving Social Security and only want to enroll in Medicare.

We had an appointment set for a month after she had placed the call to our office. As she and I discuss her needs and who was her preferred PCP, we went over both Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. She opted for the Advantage plan was more suited to her needs. We then confirmed her PCP was in-network, and her current medicine was going to be covered at the lowest cost to her. After confirming those two items, we narrowed in on a plan that allowed her access to a major facility with updated technology. Her plan also allowed for some dental, vision, and other benefits like SilverSneakers. 

Upon finalizing our process, we ran into the fact that she did not have Part B. When she enrolled online, she only enrolled into A because she was confused by the website’s wording and was afraid if she made a wrong click, she would have started to draw Social Security. 

The only problem this posed was that her enrollment into a Part C (Medicare Advantage plan) would be delayed. Fortunately, she still had prior coverage. I had her fill out a CMS 40b form, application for enrollment in Medicare – Part B. Once she completed the one-page form, we were able to get it mailed off. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation where you want to enroll in Medicare Part A & B but want to wait on receiving your Social Security benefits do not fret. You have professionals ready to help you at 417 Insurance and Investments. Our services never cost you a dime.

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