Adam Cassidy

Insurance Agent

About Adam

I am an Army Veteran that now enjoys the outdoors and being active. If there is a way for me to work outside, I will find it.

I am a Licensed Insurance Agent (Missouri, Florida, and Texas) that specializes in educating Medicare-eligible individuals about what plans/options they have available to them.

I also focus on people with disabilities that are Medicare eligible and dual enrollments (people that are on Medicaid and eligible for Medicare). Read about why I chose to specialize here.

Adam Cassidy 1
Disability & Dual Enrollment Specialist

My expertise

As a disability & dual-enrollment specialist, I always stay up-to-date on the latest news and policies affecting my clients. I write about them on our 417Medicare blog.

Follow me on LinkedIn where I publish what I write.

Read My Guide to Dual Enrollment

If this is the first time you’ve heard about dual enrollment, or you think you might not be taking advantage of every program, then this guide is for you.

Adam breaks down each program and its income requirements in an understandable way.

Some people save thousands!

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